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Bird hunting with Daryle Singletary.

Hey Pods:

Thank you for dropping by my hunting page. Periodically, I will be posting tips, strategies, safety procedures and more for all fellow bird hunters and enthusiasts. I will try to help you increase your hunting odds by sharing with you my personal hunting experiences, knowledge and information.

Come back for a visit often for updates, stories, videos and other helpful postings. Best of luck to you! - "Double Barrel" Daryle Singletary -

Daryle Singletary with Phillip Cullpepper and Sam Klement

"Double Barrel Daryle" Ruffles Some Feather in 2013

Howdy Pods,

Went on a hunt at 2013 Country Goes Huntin' and brought home this prize bird! Had one heck of a great time on the hunt runnin' and gunnin' with the boys! Pictured in the photo left to right are Phillip Cullpepper, Sam Klement, and old DBD! Of course front and center all dressed in feathers is Mr. Leroy A'Goner! Until next time.....

- "Double Barrel" Daryle Singletary

Daryle Singletary bags turkey in Texas.

"Double Barrel Daryle's" Recent Turkey

Hi Pods,

Went on a hunt in Texas, and old DDB didn't miss this time! This one is a beauty! The hunt was a lot of fun, and I look forward to going back again to hopefully bag another one!

- "Double Barrel" Daryle Singletary

Commando Hunting products

ALPS OutdoorZ

I recently used the ALPS OutdooZ turkey chair during the 2012 Country Goes Huntin', and made the hunt extremely relaxed and comfortable. ALPS OutdoorZ offers performance oriented packs, tents, sleeping bags, furniture & air pads. All of their products are "consumer designed" for comfortable enjoyable trips that have tough, durable construction for a lifetime of use, and while the products are great, the prices are even better. I can vouch for, and endorse their products.
- Daryle Singletary


Recent 2011 kill with George Anderson:

Tennessee Turkey

10 inch beard

1 1/2 inch spurs

DBD 2010 Turkey Hunt Photo Gallery
Daryle Singletary Country Goes Huntin' videos.
video player

Daryle Singletary turkey hunting videos are courtesy of Country Goes Huntin'.

Country Goes Huntin'

Daryle Singletary Celebrity Ride Hatfield-McCoy Trail video is courtesy of Fisher's ATV World

Fisher's ATV World

Click on thumbnail pictures to play!



Stealth 4x4 ATV

Silence Never Sounded So Good....

The Stealth Apache XR 64V 4x4 is made in the USA and has the longest range of any electric utility vehicle on the market.

  • 4-passenger seating (largest in the industry)
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame specifically designed for off-road use
  • Heavy-duty rear solid axle with shocks allows for the largest industry payload while maintaining a smooth ride and reducing the “energy-draining drag” of IRS systems
  • 40 Mile range on a full charge and proper charging habits
  • Total weight 1525 pounds (250 pounds lighter than our competition)
  • Coil-over shock independent front suspension
  • Made in America, in our shop

    The Stealth 4x4 vehicle is a result of years of research and development by Gary Bias and Wayne Thurmon, both of Monroe, Louisiana. Gary and Wayne, both having strong mechanical and manufacturing backgrounds, have developed the most rugged and reliable electric vehicle on the market today.

    Please browse through our website and let us know if you need any additional information. stealth4x4.com

Daryle Singletary and the Stealth 4x4


Pictured above is the STEALTH APACHE XR 64V 4x4. Says Daryle; "This is an amazing and awesome vehicle. The Stealth has a 40 Mile Range on a full battery charge, a Coil Over Shock Independent Front Suspension for great handling, “On Demand” 4-Wheel Drive,  64 Volt 30 Peak Horsepower Electric Motor and so much more. I highly recommend the Stealth 4x4 to anyone in the market for a great and (QUIET) ATV."

Please visit the
STEALTH WEBSITE for more information.

Pictured L-R
Michael Waddell, Daryle, Janelle Rydberg, Abby,
Rhett Akins

Gander Mountain Show in PA
Michael Waddell, Abby, Rhett Akins, Daryle

Daryle Singletary endorses Bushnell.

Daryle Singletary agrees, Bushnell is "A Better Way of Seeing the World."

Bushnell® has been the industry leader in high-performance sports optics for over 50 years. Our guiding principle is to provide the highest quality, most reliable and affordable sports optics products on the market. And, our commitment to outstanding customer service and strong retailer partnerships is unmatched.

Bushnell boasts leading market share in all of the sports optics categories, and our products have consistently won design and performance awards from prestigious organizations. Our product lines enhance the enjoyment of every outdoor pursuit from spectator sports, nature study, hunting, fishing and birding to stargazing. Indoors, binoculars bring the audience closer to the action in fast-moving sports or the fine arts at theaters and concerts.

Bushnell constantly explores emerging technologies to market sports optics that combine leading edge design with performance innovation. It is this dedication that has made Bushnell the most recognized and reputable sports optics brand in the world.

Mission Statement

"To develop and market superior optical products that enhance the experience of outdoor and sports enthusiasts"

TURKEY TALK:  Calls, Calling & Vocabulary

A technique that is implemented in turkey hunting is Calling. A lot of turkey hunters utilize turkey calls while on the lookout or hunting. To the hunter, turkey Calling is an essential skill. 

There are many types of turkey calls and numerous manufactured calling devices available. Some that are used by the turkey hunter are, Diaphragm Caller, Snuff Box Call, Box Caller, Striker Box, Cedar Box with Striker, Push Button Call,, Wing Bone Caller, Friction Callers, Crow Call, Noble Whistle, Owl Hooter, and Tube Caller. I recommend that the beginner hunter ask experienced turkey hunter's their opinions on calls. You might end up using several calls to achieve hunting success.  For the bow hunter, a Diaphragm Type call is probably the best bet, because you hold it in the roof of your mouth, keeping your hands free to operate your bow.  The end result for using calls is a matter of personal preference.

The hunter must develop an understanding of which call is appropriate for certain situations or circumstances. Also, it is necessary for the hunter to learn how to distinguish the subtle variances in the rhythm, pitch and volume of a turkey's call. This method of turkey vocabulary comprehension development can be as important as the type of call.


The Tree Call
The tree call is a series of soft muffled yelps vocalized by a turkey while stirring on limbs each morning and before flying down from its tree roost. Sometimes the volume increases when nearing as fly down time. This call may also be accompanied by soft clucking. A call typically referred to as a way the turkeys communicate with each other within their flock. Listen

Both the Gobbler and the Hen cluck consists of uttering one-syllable or more, soft short, staccato notes. There are various reasons why turkeys cluck. Hens have a contented cluck while feeding on insects. There is also an excited cluck a hen makes when a tom gobbles. Be careful not to confuse a cluck with a putt. To distinguish the difference between the two, listen to the pitch of the call. If the call has a flatter sound and is not so high pitched, then the call is a cluck. If the call is sharp and high pitched, then it is a putt. A plain cluck, often includes two or three single note clucks. Clucks are typically used to get the attention of other turkeys. The cluck is a reassuring call for a gobbler approaching a hen. Listen

The putt is a single-note alarm call that is given when a turkey is upset or frightened. The putt can be several notes sharp or in a rapid manner. The sound is similar to two slabs of wood being slapped together. Turkeys will putt at anything they believe to be a possible source of harm or danger and will either fly or run away. Listen


Lonely, lost or excited hens use a series of fast, loud, irregular single-note clucks when is search of other turkeys.  This call is referred to as cutting. The cutt is a distinct call in series that lasts anywhere from 5 to 15 seconds. The cutt call can be heard at far distances. Listen

Plain Hen Yelp
The yelp is a basic turkey sound. They yelp rhythmically in a series of 4 to 10 single notes. Yelps can also be in short or long sequences and can have various meanings depending on how the hen uses it. Yelps can mean the hen is contented, or an excited yelp can be a call to a gobbler to mate. Two-note yelps €œkee-awk, kee-awk" range from raspy to high-pitched. A gobbler's yelp is more deep throated and slower in rhythm than yelps of the hen. Listen

Adult Hen Assembly Call
The adult hen assembly or lost call is a series of loud yearning yelps. This yelp is used by the dominant hen to call her flock, and causes the young gobblers to return. Listen

Kee Kee
The kee kee is a soft, three-note lost call or whistle of young turkeys used to locate their mothers or the rest of the flock in autumn and winter. It is not unusual for some young turkeys to kee-kee during spring as well. Also, the young turkeys kee-kee while milling around the flock. A variation is the kee-kee run which combines a kee-kee with a yelp. Listen

Fly Down Cackle
The cackle is a 10 to 20 irregular note sequence made up of yelps and clucks that can be heard when a hen is flying up to or down from a roost in trees, and also while flying across waters, or off a ridge. When the turkey hits the ground, the cackle is followed by basic clucks. Listen

Hens and gobblers vocalize a soft, fluttering rolling call while feeding. Turkeys also purr when they are close together, relaxed and is a signal of contentment. Listen

The Tom gobbles and is used primarily in the spring to let hens know he is in the area and to attract them. Gobbling is a mating call. Gobbling is also used by Toms to demonstrate their dominance over subdominant male turkeys. Gobbles last one or two seconds and are typically loud and aggressive. Sometimes in autumn, they gobble to keep up with the location of one another. Listen

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